We are situated exactly 5,000 kilometres between the North Pole and the Equator.
A magical line, a strip of fertile and live-giving land: this is the home to the Travaglino wine cellar in Calvignano, on the slopes overlooking Casteggio in the region of Oltrepò Pavese.


Oltrepò Pavese is at the tip of the Lombardy region, wedged between Piedmont, Emilia and Liguria to the south of the River Po, and was formerly known as "Old Piedmont".


Its natural compact clustered shape leaves an impression on the imagination; a morphological destiny that has marked out the history of this bountiful land, which enjoys some unique climatic conditions that are capable of producing wines of excellent quality.


An area rich in history and culture, it is a place to visit and discover. Just think of the castles, churches and beautiful palaces of the noble families and clergy - from the Malaspinas to the Dal Vermes, from the Beccarias to the Viscontis and the Sforzas - the leading players who took their turns in power during the Middle Ages. Its wealth and strategic location made it a hotly contested area and over the centuries it passed into the hands of different powers: France, Spain and Austria.


It was in 1860, just prior to the declaration of the Unification of Italy, that this area was finally named Oltrepò Pavese.


It is the third largest area in the world for the production of Pinot Noir, after Champagne and Burgundy, and the first in Italy with more than 3,000 hectares of vineyards. Today the region numbers 78 municipalities, including the village of Calvignano, the centre of which is located on the scenic Casteggio-Montalto Pavese route, which also features another 14 farmsteads scattered along the trail. The territory is bordered by the Coppa and Rile streams and includes much of Monte Ceresino: an area described by 19th century visitors as a "small village located in a lofty place, where one can enjoy good air ... and drink good-quality wine".


Nowadays the Travaglino property covers over 400 hectares, of which 80 are vineyards: it is without doubt one of the largest individual properties in the hills. A real rarity with an alluring charm. Here, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio are grown along with the Croatina and Barbera grapes.


The vineyards enjoy privileged exposure facing south and south-west, producing unique aromatic qualities in the wines.
They are located at an altitude between 250-300 metres above sea level. The soil is mostly brown, calcareous and clayey, on marl and sandstone.


The Travaglino nectars are created from this terroir and from these grapes, from the prestigious classic method sparkling wines to fine wines, all DOC and DOCG. Each Travaglino brand bottle has a distinct and instantly recognisable personality, a unique stamp imprinted with a wine-growing nature and culture.

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