Tenuta Travaglino Calvignano has a long history that smells of must and takes on the colours of the "vineyard hills" of Oltrepò Pavese.

The vineyards of an estate that saw its beginnings in the Middle Ages are rooted in these brown calcareous clayey soils.


It was 1111. Northern Italy was a mosaic of small states, the maritime republics were acquiring more and more power and the "investiture struggle" was in full swing.


In these years, the foundations of the oldest part of today's estate were laid: the grandiloquent vaulted cellar.At that time, more people lived and worked here in the hamlet of Travaglino than in the nearby town of Calvignano.


All this enables us to say that, from the twelfth century, kinfolk or the use of the surname Travalino are common, deriving from the word "work" ("travail" in French which became "travaj" in Piedmontese dialect).


In 1240, the church of San Martino di Calvignano and the presence of "new" vineyards were cited in an ancient text, clear evidence that the cultivation of vines was already rooted locally.


The years pass by and, like in any great relationship, the darkest hours were followed by luckier periods in a series of twists and turns often related to the alternation of various owners.


In 1868: the turning point. The Milanese Cav.Vincenzo Comi bought the first part of the estate:810 perches.


14 February 1879. 11 years after, Cav. Comi, in love with Oltrepò Pavese and its vineyards, bought seven lots for a total of 2,891 perches, making up the actual "tenement" called "di Travaglino".

Countess Giuseppina Sottocasa became his wife and brought the famous coat of arms which emblazons the House as dowry.


Since then, the estate changed hands with various Comi family descendants.Thanks to them, Travaglino grew, developed and enlarged.


Hard, manual work in the fields, hard work full of thought, reflection and projects.


In 1965Vincenzo Comi, namesake descendant of the former owner, imposed an acceleration: he was a man of big dreams, concrete, of course, but with a visionary mindset projected into the future.


Thanks to him, a great "zoning" job kicked off, aimed at the renewal of the "Travaglino vineyard". Today, the land covers 400 hectares in a single block, equivalent to 6000 "Milan perches", equal to 55% of the entire municipality.


Today, we are the fifth generation. Determined, resolute and dialectic, casually sporting its heritage, propulsive energy capable of mixing opportunities for simultaneous research and experimentation with the solidity of a land, a terroir, a wine cellar.


Today Travaglino is undoubtedly an important reference point in the wine sector of Oltrepò and beyond.






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