Every Sunday of September 2017

September is one of the most fascinating times to visit a wine cellar, especially Tenuta Travaglino.

It's harvesting time, preparations abound, the grapes are ripe, and the bunches need to be selected in order to find the best ones, the 'perfect' ones that give rise to Travaglino wines.The rows run all the way down the 80 hectares of vines grouped all together: a rarity and an impressive view, with a vast amount of land that allows the vineyard to be highly selective.The yield here is 5,000 liters per hectare, compared to the average of 9,000.


Every Sunday in September Tenuta Travaglino will open the doors onto its world to all the winelovers, curious souls and romantic spirits.Founded in 1868 on the hills of Oltrepò Pavese with excellent south-west exposure, the vineyard has remained faithful to Italian wine culture and oenological traditions, while also incorporating contemporary projects that launch it upwards and into the future.

History, aromas, colours and sounds will render your wine tasting a unique, highly suggestive experience.


After visiting the cellar and listening to the winemaker's story of the magic of the wines' creation and the exclusivity of this absolutely unique territory, the only thing that can follow is a tasting.The winemakers of Travaglino know all too well that what truly matters is the pleasure of opening a bottle, of understanding its nose and mouth: for example, the strength and power of Pinot Noir, which can give rise to various wines ranging from Classic Methods to light red wines all the way up to Reserve wines.


For this reason, in addition to the classic tasting included in the Open Cellars - Tourism Movement project, the 'Vincenzo Comi Selection' created in honour of the cellar's founder is available for 10 Euros.3 Classical Methods are included in the tasting - Cuvée '59, Gran Cuvée, Monteceresino - and 2 Reserves - Pinot Noir Poggio della Buttinera and Riesling Renano Campo della Fojada.To accompany them two excellences of the territory: the cheeses of Caseificio Fratelli Cavanna and cured meats from the Salumificio Artigianale Thogan Porri.Each guest will also be given a Tenuta Travaglino wine glass to bring home.




Every Sunday in September 2017 from 10 am to sunset

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1 hour from Milan, Genoa and Turin
A21 Torino - Piacenza Casteggio exit

A7 Milan - Genoa Bereguardo exit

follow the signs for Calvignano


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On Sunday, 28 May the oldest winery in Oltrepò Pavese
is opening its doors to all wine lovers

On Sunday, 28 May the "Open Cellars" return, the most important food and wine event in Italy.

Tenuta Travaglino is renewing its participation, enthused by the success of previous editions.


Here, vine cultivation, production, consumption, architecture and nature blend together to offer a unique experience to all wine enthusiasts.The Travaglino winemaker will introduce the heart of wine culture, to answer all your questions and to "bring life" to the wines with each sip


Wine tasting together with the sampling of local produce selected for the occasion and guided tours of the wine cellar to discover the oldest corners steeped in history or the latest technological innovations, enriching each moment with charm, to get a fuller understanding of how the wines of a unique and exceptional territory are created.

400 hectares, 80 of which are vineyards, an imposing residence with an ancient charm whose walls date back to 1111.A knowledge of wine making that goes way back to 1868 but with a knowing eye to the future, as witnessed by the recent collaboration with Enosis Meraviglia, a wine research centre founded by Donato Lanati.All this has created a wealth of knowledge that can give visitors an emotional "jolt".


The undisputed protagonist is the Pinot Nero, a difficult vine variety that has found the soil and the conditions in Travaglinoto to be optimal for giving us excellent reds but also metodo classico sparkling wines with a strong character and a great potential for ageing.Chameleonic par excellence, it is found as a pure red in the young Pernero and as a Reserve in the Poggio della Buttinera, a classical method in the Cuvée 59, Monteceresino, Gran Cuvée and Vincenzo Comi, and as a young and lively white in the Paiss.

Wine lovers can also discover the aromatic bouquet of the Campo della Fojada Riesling Renano, whose vineyards are now almost 50 years old and arouse the passions with other typical Oltrepò wines like the Campo dei Ciliegi Barbera and the Moranda Bonarda, a pillar of the territory.

It is evening, time passed in the blink of an eye, but the experience will remain etched into the mind of the visitor.



Open Cellars 28 May, 2017

from 10 am until sunset


+39 0383 872222


1 hour from Milan, Genoa and Turin


A 21 Turin - PiacenzaCasteggio exit

A 7 Milan - GenoaBereguardo exit 

follow signs to Calvignano


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New goals for Tenuta Travaglino

Cristina Cerri Comi represents the 5th generation of the family that has led the Tenuta Travaglino since 1868.Three years ago she took the reins, bringing her own unique vision and strategic choices and actions designed to impact her cellar and its wines.Carving out a new path on a foundation of history, tradition, and wine knowledge.


The collaboration with the winemaker Donato Lanati and his Enosis Meraviglia Wine Research Centre is just one such step. A partnership designed to create momentum, introducing a scientific method which involves the analysis of the vineyard, the grape and the wine, from the inspection of the entire wine-making supply chain, to fine tuning the wine itself, to training the staff working in the vineyard and cellar.Donato Lanati himself states that " Quality is created with knowledge, to provide a guarantee for the cellar, and, most of all, for the consumer ".


Exciting news, even for customers who are only just getting to know and appreciate the charm of wine. Tenuta Travaglino will be presenting their latest creation at the Vinitaly preview: Vigna Lunano, an immediate, fresh and fragrant, convivial wine.(According to PwC research, Millennials are increasingly inclined to consume wine in group situations: 62% prefers sharing wine at home)

Its main characteristic?

A blend of grapes from a single vineyard–the eponymous Vigna Lunano–made up of Pinot Grigio, Muscat, Sauvignon and Chardonnay.


The calcareous soils of the Vigna LUNANO vineyard, South-East exposure, 240 m above sea level on the hills of Calvignano, bring a freshness and aromatic quality to this wine, the result of a balanced blend that enhances the characteristics of each hand-picked grape, a harmony of complexity.

A very pleasant, very drinkable, fresh and persistent aromatic wine.

To be served between 8-10 ° C, great versatility in terms of pairings, excellent as an aperitif, but also with fish, particularly served raw.


The new path being beaten by Tenuta Travaglino is also visible in the restyling of the labels for the whole range, from the Classic Method sparkling wine to the Pinot noir, from the Riesling to the Pinot Grigio and the Bonarda.A new vocabulary, empathetic and clean, in which an iconic element–the coat of arms–contrasts with legible, easily decipherable lettering.


Tenuta Travaglino

Vinitaly 9-12 April 2017

Palaexpo Stand A4

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8 March, by women for women

Decided, dreamers, resourceful, conscious, sensitive, feminine, independent, courageous, dynamic, technological, spiritual, committed, delicious, sparkling...

Women today have many faces. The aperitif "WWW Women Want Wine" is dedicated to all such women, and will be held at Serendepico Milan in collaboration with Travaglino Estate, Winelivery and

A date set by three women - Cristina Cerri, Andrea Antinori and Jessica Clein - to offer a special occasion for fun, pleasure and freedom.


Piano music by "Affo" to accompany the chitchat and a gourmet buffet that has been designed along with Winelivery's sommeliers to enhance the wines of the Travaglino Estate. Each wine has been selected to suggest the infinite nuances of contemporary women: the spirited pink of Monteceresino, a spellbinding bubbly rosè; the coppery Ramato, a Pinot Grigo DOC that is both satisfying and tasty; the ruby red of Pernero, a Pinot Noir with a spring aroma full of wild berries; the amber of Pajss, a lively and soft white vinified Pinot Noir; the gold of Cuvèe '59 classical method DOCG obtained from Pinot Noir and a bit of Chardonnay, elegant and seductive. has also confirmed the participation of Nail guru Giancarlo Guccione, a familiar face of the Rai2 transmission Detto Fatto, who will offer all the women present the chance to have a manicure fit for a queen. Beautiful but also good: the proceeds will be donated to Amnesty International.



Women Want Wine: an evening that aims to offer excellence, a celebration full of style and taste.

" For a few years now I have been working with wine, but I have been enjoying it for many more !"Says Andrea Antinori, co-founder of Winelivery. " For this reason I asked two women and entrepreneurs whom I respect if they would like to join forces to organise an event where wine and women are the protagonists."




Wednesday, 8 March

8:00 PM

€ 20 for women - € 25 for men

Manicures by Giancarlo Guccione: € 5,

1 euro donated to Amnesty International

Serendepico Piazza Castello 1 - Milan

For reservations: +39 02 7209 3846

Travaglino grows ever closer to wine lovers

Tenuta Travaglino is now present on winelivery, the first Italian portal for the home delivery of quality wines.With winelivery you can, in fact, comfortably receive at home the best bottles of wine in less than 30 minutes, at the right temperature.The service is available all day from 10:00 am to 1 am and Friday and Saturday until 2 am throughout Milan, and is ready to take off in other cities in Italy and abroad.


Always open to innovation and attentive to the needs of its admirers, Travaglino and winelivery offer an easy, fast, safe service.


Have you finished your reserve of your favourite wines?Do you want to give a useful gift that can be shared with friends?Do you want to surprise your love?Do you want to make the moments after dinner memorable?Do you want to add some liveliness to a dinner that is beginning to go downhill?

Go to or download the app and order your favourite bottle, or choose a bottle on a whim.

Pernero, the Pinot Noir that wins everyone over with its bouquet of berries, the Riesling Renano Campo della Fojada, the Gran Cuvée Blanc de Noir, finely honed with the Classical Method in 42 months on lees, or Ramato, the versatile and fresh Pinot Grigio that owes its name to the characteristic colour coming from the grape skins' maceration.

Travaglino Gran Cuvée
“Octopus-stuffed tomatoes with Taggiasca olives ”
byTommaso Arrigoni
for a seductive Valentine's Day

The recipe of Chef Tommaso Arrigoni from the one Michelin star restaurant Innocenti Evasioni, with the sparkling Gran Cuvée Travaglino come together to make an unforgettable romantic evening, par excellence.

Together, tomatoes and Pinot Noir "reinforce the pleasure", activate the senses, stimulate the brain.
Apuleius taught us this lesson when he wrote:"Wine is enough to win over the vileness of decency and set pleasure to work".

And if the wine is Gran Cuvée from Travaglino, classic method made from pure Pinot Noir, the seduction becomes absolute.
Tomatoes also make their contribution: since ancient times they have been considered as a food that can ignite passion thanks to their heart shape and red colour; not surprisingly it was called Pomo
d'Amore (tomato is pomodoro in italian).


Today its ability to boost testosterone has been proven.
With these premises, it's easy to make Valentine's Day an opportunity for a couple's special evening, and why not, an opportunity to warm up romance that's become a bit cold.Gran Cuvée from Travaglino intoxicates with its lively and persistent perlage that almost immediately leads to gaiety, and it charms with its hints of ripe apple, bread crust and almonds.


Aged on lees for more than 42 months they are obtained from the best Pinot Noir cru, whose grapes are harvested by hand into baskets in mid-August, after having drawn strength and vigour from the sun... and you can feel it: a warm embrace.


For its pairing, Tommaso Arrigoni has created
"Octopus-stuffed tomatoes with olives and chilli oil"
: a juicy tomato apple full of rewarding surprises


Ingredients for 2 people
2 tomatoes
400 g. Octopus
olives in extra virgin olive oil
fresh basil
garlic flavored olive oil
chilli oil
anchovy fillets in oil
a boiled potato
A handful of rocket

Cook the octopus in salted and acidulated water for at least 3 hours, let cool and then remove the skin.
Cut it into pieces and add the sliced olives, chopped anchovies and potato cut into pieces.Season with salt, garlic oil, chili oil and julienne-cut basil.
Blanch the tomatoes for a few seconds in boiling water and peel them.Cut the bottom part off and use a corer to remove the seeds and the pulp.Stuff the tomatoes with the octopus mixture and place on a serving plate garnished with rocket and whole black olives.Serve at room temperature.


Travaglino Gran Cuvée: EUR 19.70

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Vincenzo Comi 2008 Vintage Brut The founder's passion

A fragrant smell of bread crust, honey, hazelnut and nutmeg powerfully explode, a fine, continuous perlage...and Christmas is around the corner!


For the Holidays Travaglino has created its D.O.C.G. labelled Metodo Classico. Vincenzo Comi 2008 Vintage Brut,a tribute to the founder - Vincenzo Comi - the visionary ancestor who understood the true value of Travaglino.


An intense Metodo Classico of great personality and elegance which also stands out in its presentation, made from the best grapes, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and aged on the lees for over 60 months.The calcareous soil, clayish marl and sandstone, 280 metres above sea level with southwest exposure and the meticulous selection of the grapes, strictly harvested by hand in boxes, produce a distinct all-round flavour and aroma.


Vincenzo Comi can be enjoyed to its maximum freshness immediately after disgorging but its aging capacity is infinite.Giving it as a gift is a sign of great friendship and esteem.


It is enhanced if combined with high quality cuisine, but it is also perfect to start a party.


Price Euro 30

P ress Office OTTO Milena Camparada - Alessandra Beretta tel. 02-45395861

Open Cellars on St Martin's Day

"...through the streets of the village
from the fermenting casks
goes the pungent scent of wine
to touch a soul with glee.

G. Carducci


On Sunday 13 November, Open Cellars returns to the Travaglino Estate in Calvignano.

It will be St Martin's Day, and as we know from history this means the weather will brighten up, perfect for a day trip.

A unique opportunity to visit our cellars and learn the secrets of our wines: the grape harvest recently came to an end, and the must obtained from pressing the grapes is currently going through the first fermentation processes.


From 10 am, the Travaglino Estate will open its doors to visitors, and our wine experts will be on hand to guide you through our very own world of wine culture, spectacular scenery looking out over the rows of grapevines next to the estate, and historic hidden gems: one part of the cellar dates back to 1111.


Not to be missed is the charming pupîtres area, containing the well-known two wooden boards attached in the shape of an inverted V - this is the traditional method for storing sparkling wine.At Travaglino the process of 'remuage' (rotating and gradually tilting the bottles) is still done manually and lasts around 30 days, in order to draw the yeast sediments all the way down to the cork.

Charm upon charm...

You might also be interested in the tucked-away corners where we keep the bottles that have contributed to our history.


At the end of the cellar tour, we can't let you go without a stop in our showroom to sample some Travaglino wines, from a Pinot Noir to a Riesling, a Bonarda to a Barbera, each paired with local produce to create a real experience full of tastes, flavours and aromas.


And of course, we can't forget our traditionally-made sparkling wines: the exquisite Vincenzo Comi, aged on the lees for over 60 months; the Monteceresino Cruasé, a rosé from Oltrepò Pavese subject to strict regulations, unique in both name and origin; the Gran Cuvée made from 100% Pinot Noir; and the Cuvée 59, a truly elegant wine thanks to a small amount of Chardonnay fermented in barrels and combined with Pinot Noir.


The Travaglino Estate: a magical and authentic world of wine, just an hour from Milan, Turin and Genoa.


LocalityTravaglino – Calvignano – Casteggio (Pavia) - +39 0383 872222


A lively September for Travaglino:
from Open Cellars to Autunno Pavese.

Tastings and a workshop on how to learn to come to grips with wine's bubbles and colours


Following the summer break, Travaglino opens the doors of its historical cellars to wine lovers, firstly with three "Open Cellar" events on 11, 18 and 25 September at its own Estate in Calvignano, and then with the "Autunno Pavese" event from 23 to 26 September in Pavia, the largest wine event in the province.

The open cellar events will allow wine lovers to enjoy an extraordinary experience, visiting and seeing for themselves how the wine is produced at Travaglino: from the grapes to the harvest, from fermentation through to ageing in the bottle or in wooden barrels, and finally to bottling.You will also be able to enjoy the 400-hectare single block property, 80 hectares of which are vineyards.The food and wine experience will finish with wine tasting in the historic cellars, accompanied by local cuisine.( )


The Autunno Pavese event, now in its 46th edition, will take place on Saturday 24 September from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm in the splendid setting of the Castello Visconteo in Pavia, for which Travaglino will organise the workshop "A tasting tour of the world of bubblies.From Red and White Vivace wines, to the Rosé Metodo Classico".

Cristina Cerri Comi, who represents the 5th generation at Travaglino and winemaker Achille Bergami will entertain participants teaching them how to come to grips with the nuances of colours and different types of bubblies, from Vivace Pajss (Sparkling White Pinot Noir), to the red Moranda (Vivace Bonarda), on to the pink Montecérésino (Brut Rosé Pinot Noir metodo classico).They are all bubblies, but how are they different from one another?Where do they come from?The charm of bubblies and many other curiosities in an out of the ordinary tasting session. (For information and reservations ).


For further information:



Pajss Sparkling Pinot Noir : produced from grapes picked in late August and bottled in January following the harvest. This Pinot Noir 100% vinified in white is lively not simply for the presence of a slight effervescence, but also for its style, richness in aromas and pleasantness.Particularly suitable as an aperitif to accompany appetisers, risottos and fish-based dishes during every event.



Moranda Sparkling Bonarda : The grapes grow on a clay-limestone soil, facing south-east at 220 metres above sea level, which give this distinctive red wine with a lively mousse  a rich colour, as well as the aroma of red berries and tannin structural characteristics.Dry, fruity and extremely pleasant, this wine is ideal to accompany all cold meats, braised beef ravioli, risottos and grilled meats.



Montecérésino Metodo Classico Millesimato BRUT ROSÈ : this sparkling wine is obtained from 100% Pinot Noir grapes with short cold maceration and subsequent soft pressing, getting only 50% of the must, which is fermented at a controlled temperature.In our historic cellars, the bottles ferment and are slowly refined for at least 24 months before being disgorged to create an eclectic sparkling wine with a natural pink colour and a rich fragrance with notes of wild berries, black cherries, currants and raspberries, which perfectly accompany first courses, shelled fish, fish carpaccio and grilled fish.


For further information:


Press office

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Travaglino Ramato
Summer colours

Summer is here and Tenuta Travaglino presents its Ramato, Pinot Grigio Doc, which owes its name to its characteristic colour resulting from the short maceration on the skins. This technique enhances fragrance, persistence and pleasantness, giving the wine structure and an aromatic, satisfying and full-flavoured profile.


A versatile Pinot, delicious and fresh to drink, goes well with fresh flavours and recipes based on fish, seafood and shellfish. It is irresistible with Sushi and Sushimi and seafood tartare.


Its grapes grow in brown-calcareous soils at an altitude of 300 m, with south-west exposure. A great location, on the second hill where the grapes are kissed by the sun and cooled by mild temperatures that are never too extreme.


Serve at 10° C, in warm weather it is recommended to sample it at a temperature about 2 degrees lower.


We are located exactly 5000 kilometres from the North Pole and the Equator.

This is a magical line, a fertile and vital strip of land home to the Travaglino wine cellar, which is located in Calvignano among the acclaimed vines of the hills above Casteggio.

This vibrant company has its roots in an ancient tradition but has proved itself able to keep up with the times. At present, Travaglino's property spans over 400 hectares, of which 80 are vineyards, making it without doubt one of the largest individual properties in the hills. It is a true rarity.

Here, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio 'accompany' Croatina and Barbera grapes.


Pernero and Gran Cuvée Brut Travaglino
got the bronze medal
at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2016

An important recognition awarded by the most prestigious wine competition in the world, the Decanter World Wine Awards.

Two bronze medals, one for Pernero Pinot Nero 2014 and the other for the Grand Cuvée Pinot Noir Brut.
The DWWA, organized since 2004 by the British magazine Decanter published in 90 countries, is considered as one of the most respected and prestigious competition in the world.

The international jury of highly qualified experts , sommeliers and wine professionals in the business ( including 80 Masters of Wine and 20 Master Sommeliers ) , the reliability of rigorous blind tasting process and the large number of participating wineries , give a deep value the awards won by Travaglino Estate.

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Betti prizewinner at Travaglino
Vinitaly 2016

To Cristina Cerri Comi of the Travaglino Estate,
for the Lombardy Region


For the first time in the history of Vinitaly, on the occasion of its fiftieth edition, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella inaugurated the Fair.
During the opening ceremony, the President of the Republic presented the Angelo Betti "Benefactors of Italian Winemaking" Prize to twenty winners, one for each region.

Cristina Cerri Comi of the Travaglino Estate in Calvignano was selected as the only entrepreneur in the Lombardy Region, who, through their business and professional activities, has helped and supported qualitative progress in wine-growing and wine production in their own region and Country. This year, the Lombardy Pavilion at Vinitaly was attended by over 200 companies.
Its name, along with those of the other professionals and entrepreneurs who received awards, enriches a Vinitaly Roll of Honour composed of personalities who have greatly contributed to the growth of the wine production system and Italian wine, such that it has become a model for international benchmarking.

The Angelo Betti "Benefactors of Italian Winemaking" Prize, like the Premio Cangrande, has been awarded since late 1973 to the great interpreters of the Italian oenology world on a regional basis, following rankings by the regional agriculture Departments.

For the winners, a photograph with the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.


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Palaexpo Stand C3

Tenuta Travaglino presents at Vinitaly with three new products: the sparkling wine Brut Vintage Vincenzo Comi, the Ramato and the Campo della Fojada Riserva.


Three new bottles, expression of the new course of the winery, marked by the presence of the V generation of the Comi Family and the arrival of oenologist Carlo Casavecchia.
consistency of style, choices and emotion, rigorous and pragmatic and positive vision of the future, innovation sensitivity, humanistic inspiration, are the watchwords of the Travaglino modus operandi.


tangible result of this philosophy is the classic D.O.C.G.M ethod Vincenzo Comi Brut Vintage 2008, dedicated to the founder who in 1868 gave life to this wine project by purchasing 810 poles, and to his descendant of the same name which in 1965 imposed an acceleration giving rise to a great job of zoning. It embodies the style and expresses great personality this bubble made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes from the best crus and aged on the lees for 60 months. Soil brownish limestone, clay on marl and sandstone, 220 meters above sea level with a south-east facing, meticulous grape selection, hand picked in crates, offer appealing hints of exotic fruit and bread crust, fine and persistent.


Campo della Fojada Riserva, created with the grapes of the best vintages of Riesling Superior Court of Fojada, refined for two years in the bottle in the historic cellars.
The time enhances the mineral notes and presents hints of typical of this grape variety hydrocarbons. For a bottle of Riesling lovers, able to express its potential in the long term.


Ramato, Pinot Grigio, soft, fragrant, palatable, fresh and easy to drink, with its characteristic coppery color obtained by a brief maceration on the grape skins.


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TRAVAGLINO AT PROWIEN Dusseldorf 13 to 15 March 2016

The style of Cantina Travaglino comes to Dusseldorf, ready to win over an international audience.


With its one hundred years of history, a terroir that fully expresses its generous nature and enological knowledge blended with evolved DNA, Travaglino has daily and strategic awareness of the need to look further, beyond the present, beyond borders.

Make a note - HALL 15 STAND 01 - swing by and let us impress you with the many faces of Pinot Noir, and with Travaglino's ability to transform a bunch of grapes into an exquisite nectar that can be indulgent, heady, refined, sparkling, intense, alluring or pulsating.


It is amazing how well 'rural' and manual knowledge dialogues with technology, letting itself be dragged into the future, producing exciting wines: Pernero, which makes the 'noir' smart, Pajss vinified in white, Poggio della Buttinera Reserve, Gran Cuvée Brut and Cuvée 59, both metodo classico D.O.C.G....


Tenuta Travaglino Prowien 13-15 March 2016 HALL 15 STAND 01


We are located exactly 5000 kilometres between the North Pole and the Equator.

This is a magical line, a fertile and vital strip of land home to the Travaglino wine cellar, which is located in Calvignano among the acclaimed vines of the hills above Casteggio.

This vibrant company has its roots in an ancient tradition but has proved itself able to keep up with the times. At present, Travaglino's property spans over 400 hectares, of which 80 are vineyards, making it without doubt one of the largest individual properties in the hills. It is a true rarity.

Here, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio 'accompany' Croatina and Barbera grapes.


Press office


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Travaglino's signature St Valentine's Day wine
is unashamedly snobbish.

Italian bubbles, classic method, gorgeous dress, elegant atmosphere, a natural inclination towards refinement.

The conceptually dense, TRAVAGLINO GRAN CUVÉE BRUTis the bottle to uncork when celebrating the journey of two people.


It has a charismatic label, a copper hue which emits its invaluable taste, and above all, a nectar that has been aged on the lees for more than 36 months. Its bold and lively perlage stimulates intimate conversation and its sinful hints of apple and the almond aromas ignite passion. Only Pinot Noir knows how to perfectly lead one course into another, from the aperitifs to the starters, and from the pasta dishes to the main course. Try it with potato salad, salmon and dill or simply with tagliatelle with fresh tuna, tomatoes and pumpkin seeds. It's best not to overdo it!



Recommended retail price € 20

Sunday, 6 December, Open Wine Cellars
«Not baubles, but bubbles»
Christmas shopping becomes a wonderful adventure

wine cellars open at Christmas

On Sunday, 6 December, the Open Wine Cellars day returns.

Travaglino is opening its cellars and offering the chance to discover the secrets of its wines, to experience a guided taster session and to chose a Christmas wine gift.

From 10 am to sunset in Calvignano in the hills of Pavia, just an hour from Milan, visitors will be transported to the heart of Travaglino in a magical setting. The oldest centre of the wine cellar dates as far back as 1111: so enchanting that it is hard to describe in words.

You can experience the adventure of witnessing the must transform and the fermenting grapes. Listen to the sound of these changes and the noises from below, wonder at the ingenuity of man and be captivated by the tales of the men and women of Travaglino. You will have the privilege of entering the most hidden corner of the cellar, with the very oldest bottles, the iconic gems of the Travaglino Winery arranged around Pinot Noir.


Adjacent to the cellar is the showroom, with centuries-old vaults and eighteenth century open-view brickwork, where you can enjoy a taster session with local productsand purchase the prestigious classic method sparkling wines - Gran Cuvée, Cuvée 59, Monteceresino Cruasé, Classese and the finest wines from Fojada to Poggio della Buttinera. Each is presented in a different format, from the classic bottle to the unmistakeable Jeroboam.


For the occasion Travaglino is also offering a Christmas present from its wines at a very special price.


Sunday, December 6

Location Travaglino - Calvignano - Casteggio (Pavia) - 39 0383 872222



Press office


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Travaglino Christmas
Travaglino bubbles for Christmas and New Year Gran Cuvée and Cuvée '59

During the holidays, as you know, everything must fly high a little: joy, imagination, pleasure, conviviality and desire.

Bubbles by Travaglino are here to help you have an explosive time. Light, delicate bubbles that float up releasing an intriguing and eloquent bouquet, aromatic sounds capable of transforming the drinking gesture in an amazing experience.


TRAVAGLINO GRAN CUVÉE BRUT, Classic method DOCG, has an overflowing force that draws its energy from the best cru Pinot Noir, grown in the vineyard of Portico and Monteceresino. Refinement on the lees for more than 36 months gives a meaning to the word GRAN, used by the Travaglino Family.

A balanced and harmonious sparkling wine to proudly offer for the aperitif and to continue drinking throughout the meal.

Straw colour; hints of apple and almond are unmistakable; its distinctive flavour is dry, fresh and very tasty; it has a lively and persistent perlage.


Suggested retail price € 20


Seductive and desirable TRAVAGLINO CUVÉE 59, Classic method DOCG, born from a liaison between Pinot Noir and Chardonnay aged in oak barrels.

It's a small part of white grapes, capable of refining the power of Pinot Noir with its grace.

The bottle's "dressing" makes this casual elegance, this carefree preciousness and sinuous power, tangible.

A pleasing bottle with dazzling aesthetics, to indulge yourself or give as a gift.

Refined on the lees for more than 24 months, it gives off aromas of ripe tropical fruit and hints of bread crust. Great complexity of taste and scent combined with a delicate softness.


Suggested retail price € 22



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Campo della Fojada at Expo
Travaglino at the Expo 2015 Italian Wine Pavillion

A taste of Italy, a taste of Travaglino.

As of July,Travaglino is at Expo with << Campo della Fojada < >>, the elegance of a champion also transmitted visually by the design of the new bottle.


Knowledge passes through experience.

A memory becomes memorable when connected to emotion.

So Travaglino chose to be present with its Riesling Superiore, its most awarded wine from 1965 to present. A conscious choice to inform the international public about the winery not with quality, classic method sparkling wines, but through an unusual, unexpected bottle highlighting the wealth of Italy and its know-how.


<< Campo della Fojada >> is undoubtedly one of the most recognised expressions of the cellar, true narration of the story of the Fojada vineyard, facing south at 220 m above sea level, in Calvignano, in the hills of Oltrepo Pavese.

The brown, calcareous soil, at times rocky and chalky, explodes in the bunches, picked by hand, giving mineral notes perfectly in tune with herbaceous fruity notes.

A sophisticated pleasure catalysed by the golden colour with bright green reflections.

Agile and smooth, it is a wine of character, pleasantly cool, not afraid of ageing, giving intense emotions even after many years.


Uncork at a temperature of 8-10°C, best with grilled shellfish, fried vegetables, fish and seafood. Excellent with traditional Mediterranean dishes, but also with exotic and international cuisines, capable of surprising the Expo world.


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The Travaglino aperitif
A palette of flavours for a friendly aperitif

Warm weather triggers the urge to 'go out for a drink', ops for happy hour.

For this moment, symbolic of the 2015 summer, Cantine Travaglino proposes its PAJSS, a DOC pinot noir vinified white, a 'pleasure-seeking' wine.


Its pleasantly lively character, its freshness and harmony, its fragrance and floral aromas enlivened by delicate hints of almond, project us into a carefree holiday dimension. A genuine and modern wine, born of a land dedicated to Pinot Noir and animated by state-of-the-art winemaking skill.


To drink alone or in accompaniment with light dishes, simple finger food and fresh cheeses, even light. It gives character to Tuna Tartare with avocado cream, balances ham with figs, gives passion to a Cheesecake made with Philadelphia cream cheese and zucchini. A versatile companion, it accompanies perfectly vegetarian Uriaky.


Travaglino PAJSS:a divertissement for mind and heart.


Wine sheet

Its Pinot Noir grapes vinified white, come from the four plots of the vineyard of Cà Nova, facing south-west at 220 m above sea level, characterised by brown, calcareous, clayey soil, on marl and sandstone.


Recommended retail price € 6.90



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Vinitaly 2015
presentation of new vintages

Wine expert Carlo Casavecchia presents the new Travaglino vintages

Tuesday 24 March 2015

from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Palexpo Stand D5


2014 a new year. Full-bodied, juicy, heady bunches, through which Travaglino builds its representation always adequate and in line with its personality



Amazing friendly seduction.

Intended for all those looking for friendly bottles, 'pleasure-loving' and easy to drink, we have Pajss, Pinot Noir vinified white, and Pernero, vinified red.


A divertissement for the palate, PAJSS is a young, pleasantly lively wine, a bottle can be enjoyed at any time of the day, preferably at a temperature of 8-10°C, in combination with light dishes, finger food and fresh cheeses. Floral, fragrant and lively, it strikes with its delicate hints of almond, bewitching you and bringing on a wave of joy and lightheartedness.

Its Pinot Noir grapes vinified white, come from the four plots of the vineyard of Cà Nova, facing south-west at 220 m above sea level, characterised by brown, calcareous, clayey soil, on marl and sandstone.


PERNERO, immediately shows its 'noir' soul: Pinot Noir 100% The grapes are harvested in early September, among the 4.82 hectares of rows covering the land, exposed to the south-west, where the sun pampers the grapes giving them unique aromas.

A young, firm wine, it enchants with its ruby ​​colour and bewitches with the scent of Spring wild berries. And just like Spring, it brings optimism and desire for freedom and conviviality. Perfect for a picnic in the open air, for an aperitif on the terrace, or for dinner with friends. Best served slightly fresh, paired with fragrant fried fish or vegetarian couscous with vegetables.

A POP wine with aristocratic origins.




Sophisticated pleasure.

Distinct and distinctive traits for one of the best premium wines from the Travaglino winery.

Riesling Superiore Doc, the Travaglino wine that has received most awards from 1965 to present. Without doubt, one of the most recognised products of the cellar, true representation of the Fojada vineyard, facing south at 220 m above sea level. Its golden colour dazzles you with its bright green hues and its fruity, mineral herbal notes inebriate the senses. Agile and smooth, it is a wine of character, pleasantly cool, not afraid of ageing, giving intense emotions even after many years.

Uncork at a temperature of 8-10°C, best with grilled shellfish, fried vegetables, fish and seafood. Also excellent with traditional Mediterranean dishes.


Moranda 2014

Intriguing joy.

Bonarda by Travaglino, lively and overwhelming with its native grape - Croatina.

It is an eloquent wine : it seems that the name comes from the Lombard language and means strength and courage.

Dedicated to men and women with a strong personality, alien to the seduction of exterior trappings, who wish to drink for the sake of enjoying themselves, Moranda is a lively wine with a very fruity and persistent aroma reminiscent of wild berries. The flavour is full and smooth like its ruby red colour . Its foam with violet reflections, communicates a mix of carefreeness and elegance.

The vines are deeply rooted in the brown, calcareous, clayey soil on marl and sandstone, while the grapes enjoy an exposure to the southeast.

Best served at cellar temperature with local dishes such as salami Varzi, but also with handmade pasta, risotto and strong cheese.




The Polaroid of wine.

Pinot Grigio, vinified white with a short maceration with the skins that gives it the colour of old gold, a particular aroma and a fine fragrance, fruity and floral. The taste is persistent and balanced, never intrusive, for sips dedicated to informal socialising. It goes well with elaborate appetizers, delicious fish and shellfish such as lobsters, prawns and shrimps in all preparation varieties and types of cooking.

For an aperitif, it is best served at a temperature of about 8°C to accompany, for example, shrimp croquettes, or meals served at a temperature of about 10°C.






Travaglino Estate

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The Valentine by Travaglino

There are those who love it and those who cannot stand it, anyway, in all of us, in our "Island of Dreams", there is a desire to celebrate the joy of loving and being loved.


For Valentine's Day, Travaglino Cellars dedicates to all dreamers its MONT E C E RESINO, which contains in its designation - CRUASÉ brut, a mix of Cru and Rosé - the two aspects of a great love: the earthly aspect, concrete and vital represented by vineyards and the romantic, imaginative aspect represented by its unmistakable colour.


A sparkling vintage wine, which gets its name from the Pinot Noir vine located in the highest part of the vineyards owned by Travaglino. It is obtained only from black grapes by maceration and subsequent soft pressing and refinement on the lees for 24 months.

A rosé with an intense and dynamic colour, fascinating, instantly recognisable thanks to its natural origin: the colour is given by the peel. Don't stop here, though, go further, get yourselves surrounded by the scent of wild berries, cassis, iris, raspberry, and challenge your sweetheart to try and recognise the scent of iris. The aftertaste of bitter almonds is easy to pick up.


Its complexity, its taste and scent vortex, make it a versatile sparkling wine to be opened for a toast to love or to enjoy a romantic tête-à-tête based on amuse-bouche, small bites to share with your love, to be passed from mouth to mouth, suspension points dedicated to a never-ending story.

Suggested retail price: € 14



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