Travaglino Wine Cellar is a magical place, full of aromas, emotions, and great narrative power.

Most magical of all is the heart of Travaglino, which pulsates with bustling vitality and is brimming with ingenuity and beauty in equal measure.


Come and step inside. Breathe in deeply with your nostrils and marvel at the must that changes before your eyes and the fermenting grapes. Listen to the sounds of these changes and the noises from below, wonder at the ingenuity of man, and be captivated by the tales of the men and women of Traveglino... and by the overwhelming aromas.


The oldest part of the cellar dates as far back as 1111: it is so beguiling that words cannot do it justice.

But you insist, asking us to open that wrought iron door adorned with arabesques, to show you the hidden corner housing some of the oldest bottles, the iconic gems of the Travaglino cellar, arranged around our Pinot Noir collection.


It was Churchill who once said that "The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see".

So after delving into the twelfth century, we are ready for a leap into the future.

It is now time to learn about the cellar's process of renewal, which was launched in the 1980's. It was a studied work of conservation that succeeded in preserving the cellar's charm, while bringing out its functional characteristics, transforming it into the perfect setting for the maturation of prestigious classic method sparkling wines, obtained from Pinot Noir grapes.

The traditional oak barrels were supplemented with highly efficient fermentation vats and temperature-controlled steel tanks, autoclaves and barriques for the production of fine white wines and the ageing of prestigious red wines, as an authentic expression of the Oltrepò Pavese region.

An automated line for bottling and packaging was also introduced.


Adjacent to the cellar there is a nineteenth century showroom with centuries-old barrel vaults and open-view brickwork.

Enjoy a fine glass of wine!

The best of Travaglino production, all DOC and DOCG wines, created from Pinot Noir, Croatina, Riesling and Barbera is available to enjoy and to purchase.

Our resident Travaglino wine expert will explain the special wine-making and sensory qualities.

Feel free to indulge your curiosity and ask plenty of questions.

Why not let your taste buds roam free? Remember that only the best grapes are used in Travaglino products, from the prestigious classic method sparkling wines to fine wines.

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